Preterm Birth Initiative

Progress Reporting

Due Date:  TBD

(Instructions and forms for progress and financial reporting are being prepared and will be available on this site three months in advance of the due date.)

Progress and financial reports are required of all BWF grants, and are due on the date specified in the award letter or contract.  The advisory committee and staff depend heavily upon progress and financial reports to evaluate progress.  Late reports inconvenience advisory committee reviewers and impede the Fund's evaluation of its programs.  Failure to submit progress or financial reports in a timely fashion will result in termination of funding.

BWF provides guidelines to assist in the preparation and submission of Progress and Financial Reports in an acceptable manner.  Awardees must provide BWF with an annual progress report detailing scientific progress.  Institutions must provide an annual financial report.  Both reports must be submitted by the due date according to the forms and instructions that will be provided at a later date.